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8 Fashion Tips for 2016.

It’s the middle of October already and I don’t mean to worry you, but there’s only ten weeks until Christmas!

I remember as a child someone telling me that the older you get the quicker the time passes by. At the time I thought they were crazy, I mean how can time actually go any quicker, but now I know exactly what they mean. Whilst, there’s nothing we can do to control how quickly our days zoom by, it has got me thinking about next year and I’m already starting to plan my resolutions.

However, before I start worrying about trying to eat less chocolate, trying to exercise more and trying to watch less trash on the telly I thought it would be nice to think about something a bit more positive. And so, I’ve compiled some handy fashion tips that I’d like to share with you all that will not only make you look absolutely fabulous in 2016, but will also save you a bit of precious time.

 Tip 1 – Become a fashion designer.

Have you got a favourite jacket that you’ve had for years, but it’s starting to look a bit tired and your friends have seen you wear it like a million times? 1950s-buttonsWell, how about freshening it up and changing the buttons to give it a completely new look? Buttons can be bought online or from your local haberdashery and there are so many cool designs, shapes and colours out there. It’s cheaper than buying a new jacket and you get to pretend you’re a fashion designer at the same time! And why stop at buttons? When you start to get more confident you could add a ribbon trim to an old cardigan, patch up and applique worn through jeans, dye a top a different colour or add clip on ear rings to a pair of shoes to bling them up a bit. The options are endless and best of all you’ll have a one off piece that you can guarantee none of your friends will be wearing. Have fun!

Tip 2 – You can NEVER have too many scarves!

I love a scarf. It is honestly the most versatile accessory you can have in your wardrobe and can change an outfit in seconds. Whether it’s a silk scarf, a cosy cashmere wrap or a summer beach sarong the variations in which you can wear a scarf are literally endless. Don’t for one minute think that scarves should be reserved for sophisticated, stylish French ladies, I mean yes they ooze effortless fabulousness when they wear them, but you too could be that woman if you learn how to incorporate a scarf into your outfit. They don’t need to cost much; in fact you can buy them in places like Accessorize for as little as £10. The basic rule of thumb is this: wear a printed scarf with a solid colour block outfit and a solid colour scarf with a printed outfit. Follow this and you can’t go far wrong. I would recommend having at least 8 different scarves as part of your capsule wardrobe: 1 woollen, 1 cashmere wrap, 1 sarong, 1 pashmina, 2 printed silk squares and 2 plain silk squares. Take a look at this YouTube video for all the different ways you can tie and wear a scarf, you’ll be amazed at how many there are!

Tip 3 – Know your shape.

The best and most flattering thing a woman can do is dress for her shape. Designer Shohanna Guss explains, “Once you know which silhouettes flatter you, filter trends ruthlessly”. If, like 60% of UK women, you are a pear shape, then chances are you have fantastic waist. Take advantage of that and show it off with a belt that cinches you in and creates an amazing shape. Or maybe you have an hourglass figure, so show those curves off with a stylish pencil skirt and again nip in at the waist to fully accentuate what your mama gave you! Once you know your body shape and you buy clothes that suit and flatter this shape, you will never dress badly again.

Tip 4 – If it looks good…buy the whole rail!

Jackie O was known for her sheath dresses, Hilary Clinton for her trouser suits, Vera Wang for her tunics and leggings and Sofia Coppola for her button down blouses and ballet flats. Take a tip from the celebrities and find a ‘uniform’ that suits you. For instance, if you always get positive comments when you wear wrap dresses and you always feel amazing in them, then buy loads in different colours and wear one everyday.  Think how easy it will be getting dressed in the morning! hillary-clinton-pantsuit-600x450These, along with many other celebrities, have obviously got more than enough money to buy lots of different styles of clothes, but they choose not to for the simple reason that by having a fixed wardrobe it helps create an memorable identity for them. Fashion blogger Fiona Ferris explains, “What they’re telling us is to look to the trends each season, but what they’re doing is wearing classic shapes that suit their body and feel comfortable, and make them feel like them. I started taking notice of celebrities whose style I admired and sure enough, the same looks were cropping up over and over. They’re deliberately creating a signature look, and it’s a smart strategy. They will have thought about the image they wish to portray, what kind of person they want to come across as, and build their wardrobe accordingly”.  Another thing to bear in mind is, we all know that even though you may be a size 12 in one shop, you can go into another and you might be a size 14, or if you’re really lucky you’ll go into another and you’ll be a size 10! Our body shapes and measurements are all different, so if you do find a shop that sells the perfect fitting jeans for you, then go ahead and buy the whole rail.

Tip 5 – Declutter your wardrobe

I, for one, am a nightmare at hanging onto clothes, even if I haven’t worn them for a couple of years, telling myself, ‘Oh, but I might need it for such and such….”. index6As a result, my wardrobe is so packed full that I wouldn’t be at all surprised if Narnia‘s hiding at the back somewhere. There’s absolutely no point in me ironing anything, because the second I shoehorn an item back into the wardrobe, it’s wrinklier than an elephants trunk. I’m sure there are many of you out there, who also find yourself in the same position, so it’s time for us all to have a clear out. Drag everything out and separate items into three different piles; ‘love and wear all the time’, ‘haven’t worn for a while’ and ‘OMG what was I thinking!’. Your aim is to be able to see every single item in your wardrobe without having to rummage through it. And, you haven’t heard me say this but…it means’ there will be more space to fit in the new clothes you buy in the January sales. Shh!

Tip 6 – Create a Lookbook.

I’m sure most of you have a Pinterest or Instagram account, so why not start up your own Lookbook to keep track of outfits that you love and look good in and share, OK show off, to your friends. It will help you keep a stock take of your clothes, which will also help out with tip 5, and will make getting dress a whole lot easier as you’ll know instantly what looks good with what and when you last wore an outfit. Alexa Chung’s new app, Villoid, is a fun way of creating looks from items you don’t yet own and best of all most of the major online stores are linked to it so you can do your shopping at the same time.

Tip 7 – Be changing room savvy.

Next time you go clothes shopping make sure you’re fully prepared by taking a dressing room survival kit. No, I don’t mean a bottle of water, plasters, glucose tablets etc. but all the items you may possibly need to look your best. For instance, if your aim is to go out and buy a dress for a wedding or an evening function then turning up wearing scruffy trainers and messy hair is not going to give you a true picture of what you will look like when you come to properly wear the dress. So, by dressing room kit we mean; a hairbrush, some lipstick, control underwear and some heels. There, that’s more like it, now you can judge what the dress really looks like on you.

Tip 8 – Less is definitely more.

28500E1F00000578-0-image-a-96_1430816042579You don’t need to flash the flesh to look good, so remember the golden rule; if you’re showing off your cleavage, cover up your legs and if you’re showing off your legs, cover up that cleavage. Showing too much flesh off is, without doubt, the trashiest and most unflattering thing a girl can do and, rather surprisingly, men can’t stand it! Think about the areas of your body that you feel most confident with and show those off. Maybe you have amazing sculpted shoulders, so show them off with a halterneck or shoulder less top. Or maybe you’ve been working extra hard on your abs and want to show off your washboard stomach by wearing a cutaway body con dress. The answer to a truly stylish outfit is to look as though you have not had to work hard at it, even though you probably have!

I’m fairly sure I should be listening to all of this advice and will definitely be using these tips to freshen up my fashion in 2016, But, hey, we’ve got two and a half months yet, might as well make the most of it and well I probably need to start Christmas shopping soon, oh and whilst I’m there I could do with a new coat, oh and a new dress for all those Christmas parties, oh and… 😉

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