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Check out the Gorgeous New Styles for Autumn/Winter 2015!

Dressing for autumn can be a tricky affair, especially if this week’s weather is anything to go by! Just as you pack away your summer vests and dresses, out pops Mr Sunshine and suddenly you’re sweating buckets in your woollen knits and thick opaque tights. The transition between seasons is never easy, but if you can at least keep up with some of the new season trends you are going to look amazing whatever the weather!

Here is our exclusive Gowns and Heels guide to the key trends you should be looking out for this autumn:

Fur, Fluff and Fuzz

medium_woodrow-dressWhether it’s curly sheep wool, statement shearling, faux fur or fuzzy felt, one key word for this season is ‘fluffy’. As long as you’re making a statement pretty much anything goes and the choices are endless. The catwalks were awash with thick maxi faux furs from Stella McCartney and Louis Vuitton, whilst Roksanda and Lanvin showcased colour pop shearling coats with huge faux fur collars; another key look.DS_7a13c3d627ced72e5db2928f4fae9487_0 If you fancy something a little less ‘out there’, the high street have some gorgeous, more toned down versions, such as this beautiful cream faux fur gilet from Marks and Spencer. This versatile piece from the store’s Indigo Collection is priced at a very reasonable £69 and is the perfect solution for when the weather hasn’t quite got cold enough to be wearing a full on coat. Combine with a floaty folk style dress for a boho vibe that is also another huge trend this autumn.  Two trends in one, now that is value for money!  For those of you who prefer a more classic look, try highlighting your outfit with touches of fur, such as a colourful faux-fur stole, like those from Topshop Unique and Roksanda, or perhaps a furry cuff around the sleeves or at the top of some ankle boots.

Boho Babe

We mentioned boho briefly above and yes it comes as a huge surprise to say that boho is back on our style list yet again! The glam rock boho we saw through the summer however, has been replaced by a softer, more romantic folksy look. Suede, fringing, tassels and patchwork knits are all key to this look and if you have a poncho, even better. Burberry_AW-15-16_USP_01Burberry, Chloe and Pucci all showed their interpretation of boho with soft velvet flares, waistcoats and patchwork clashing prints. Boho is about looking as though you have effortlessly put an outfit together, which, might we add, you are either someone who is naturally capable of doing so or you may be someone who has to put a bit of work in. One important thing to remember when attempting to pull off this look successfully, is to not over work it. Faux furs, denims, knits, motifs, patches and snakeskin can all be combined to create a superb seventies inspired style, but combine it in the wrong way and you run the risk of looking more fugly than fantastic (which isn’t necessarily a bad thing, as fugly fashion is a huge hit at the moment too!).

Acceptable in the Eighties

Ok, so we’ve got to admit we were slightly concerned about this one, I mean, the eighties was hardly a time of high fashion.  It makes us shudder at the mere thought of all those shoulder pads and friction inducing fabrics, so why on earth would we be looking for inspiration from this notorious decade of bad taste? aw15-trends-80s_1060x644It’s partly about trying to create some structure in your outfit, so the power shoulders are there but they’re less padded and more sculpturally striking. Other features include, ruffles, massive retro belts, polka dots, velvet, dodgy knitted prints and fierce leather. 2969272686_1_1_1Olivier Rousteing’s show for Balmain combined most of these in the one outfit, whereas Christopher Kane and J.W. Anderson offered their take on the ultimate eighties Christmas party outfit. Clothes should be big and baggy, but given shape and form with an eye catching belt, whether that’s down to size, colour or pattern, a belt plays a huge part in bringing this style together. Although this look may not seem wearable, in actual fact if you don’t go too tacky an over the top, it’s surprisingly flattering and stylish. Pleats are a safe place to start and there are loads of pleated skirts available in the shop at the moment. Zara have this dark maroon, perforated pleated midi skirt for just £39.99, which would look fantastic teamed with a printed blouson knit and……a perm.

a13908ecc50bbdc695536f04be369212Lady in Red

The colour red has been spotted all over the catwalks and there’s no escaping the fact that if you don’t include some shade of red in your autumn/winter wardrobe you’ll quite frankly look a bit out of place. You might not think you can wear red, but trust us there’s a shade for everyone; crimson, scarlet, geranium, poppy or even ketchup. Dior took the trend to the extreme with their red latex legging boots, a look that perhaps is more suited to the catwalk, or the bedroom!

Gothic Romance

Darker nights and the imminence of Halloween can mean just one thing in the fashion world; Gothic Romance. Imagine Wuthering Heights, Miss Haversham and a bit of Helena Bonham Carter and there lies your fashion inspiration. Alexander-McQueen-for-PFW-AW-15-5Dark layers of lace and mesh set against shades of deep berry create a dramatic, haunting look. Necklines should be high and ruffled and ideally you should look as though you have just stepped off the set of a 19th century period drama. Alexander McQueen has, in our opinion, captured this look best, with his striking poppy layered gown, complete with black lace neckline, a truly stunning statement piece. Accessorise with slightly crazed, flyaway birds nest hair, pale skin and deep dark blood stained lips.

Glamorous Geeks

INSPIRATION ‘The Royal Tenenbaums” 2001… Lacoste FW 2015||16 3Gucci have absolutely nailed this look, with their quirky, introverted librarian chic. Still can’t picture it? Margot Tenenbaum from Wes Anderson’s The Royal Tenenbaums, should be the muse for all aspiring bookish geeks out there. Shabby fur coats, striped Lacoste tennis dresses and the obligatory hair clip are all major factors to get this look right. Ideally, you should emit an air of innocence and naivety and there should be not even an inch of flesh on show. Complete the overall look with some wide framed or cat eye glasses, a preppy satchel and a book or two under your arm.

Caped Crusaders

ab2b9ab9b4372216330f4587dddf61e2Our autumn/winter staple is, as it has been for a couple of seasons now, the hugely versatile, layering wonder garment that is the cape. It is the perfect transitional piece that almost everyone can wear, you just need to pick the right one, in the right colour and style it in the right way. If you’re petite, be careful not to choose one that swamps you too much; you don’t want to look as though you’ve gone out wrapped in a blanket. Likewise, if you’re more curvy, don’t hide behind swathes of material, accentuate those gorgeous curves with a belt and create a waist to die for. Valentino and Michael Kors are your go to designers for capes, cloaks, shrugs, blankoats, or whatever you want to call them! For those of us on a much tighter budget, Zara, Topshop and H&M all have a wide array in lots of different patterns, colours and sizes that give the designer capes a real run for their money.

Dreaming of Duvets

And finally, have you ever woken up and wished you could go to work in your duvet? Well, now your wish is about to come true, because wait for it, duvet dressing is set to be a huge trend this autumn and winter. Duvet-dressing-aw15-trend-autumn-2015The nights are getting darker, mornings are getting colder and we’re all fed up with eating salad, which means our expanding waistlines are desperate to be hidden beneath some winter layers. So, let’s all give a big round of applause to Fendi and Céline, who both featured duvet inspired quilted coats in their collections. OK, so we’re not entirely sure it’s a look that’s going to make you look your best and it’s definitely not going to make you look any slimmer, but put all that aside and just think how warm and cosy you’ll be when that first frost sets in.

I’m sure you’ll all agree that the fashion for autumn and winter 2015 is certainly very eclectic, but don’t let that put you off. What you see on the catwalk is always going to be fashion at it’s most extreme and how that gets translated across to the high street is completely different and very much more wearable. Personally, we think there’s a bit of something for everyone and many of these trends can be combined to create looks that reflect your own personality. Wear as little or as much of a trend as you feel comfortable with, but always remember to have fun with fashion.

We always love hearing from you so email gownsandheels@gmail.com or Facebook us your photos to show us what you’re wearing this autumn.

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