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Don’t let Stains be a Pain – Top Tips for Stain Removal!!

You’re all dressed up in your fancy new dress, hair styled, nails painted ready for a night out.  You’ve got half an hour before the taxi arrives so there’s time for a cheeky pre-going out drink. Our drink of choice is red wine, Pop! – there goes the cork; glug, glug, glug – wine poured, STOP! Noooooooooo! DISASTER! In our haste red wine has been spilt all down the gorgeous new designer dress and over the new cream deep pile carpet. Now what?!

remove-stains-02-300x180First things first, don’t panic! There are professional carpet cleaners who can remove even the worst red wine stains from carpets and will have them looking like new in no time. At this stage the most important thing is to sort out the dress!

You will need to make a judgement call on how much has been spilt. If we’re talking a couple of drips then maybe, just maybe there’s a chance you can still wear that dress tonight. Sponge the stain with cool water (hot water will set the stain and then there will be no getting rid of it), this should dilute the stain. If at this point it doesn’t look too bad, then brilliant you’ve got away with it. Down your drink, enjoy your night and worry about getting the stain out properly tomorrow – chances are you may end up spilling more down it anyway!

However, if the spillage was big and the stain has made the dress unwearable, take it straight off, have a drink of wine to calm you down, because lets face it time is ticking and your stress levels are rising, and calm down! Blot the area with cold water moving from the outside in so as to prevent the stain from spreading. If the stain area is really large then it is worth putting the whole garment into a bowl of cold water and leaving to soak until the next day.  Now, chances are if the dress is really fancy it’s going to be dry clean only so try your best to dab it out but then leave it to the professional dry cleaners as they really will be your best hope.

Red Wine ToastWith the stained dress being looked after, now have another glug of wine, those nerves still need calming, rush upstairs and grab outfit number two.  There will definitely be a second choice. Pretty much every woman we know will have a trying on session before going out, so there will be other dresses to choose from – be it a classic favourite that is your ‘safe’ dress, or another new dress that you bought as a back up when you bought the now stained dress. You haven’t got time for faffing, so slip on the one you feel best suits your hair and make up choices, carefully drink the rest of your wine and ‘ding dong’ the taxi’s here, go enjoy your evening!

We all know that the stain culprit isn’t always red wine. Lipstick, coffee, ink are just as common and all need to be treated in slightly different ways. Here’s our tips for treating these stains so that hopefully your garments can be worn again.

Lipstick – Firstly, scrape off any excess lipstick with a baby wipe, those things really do get most things off! Next, treat with a specific pre wash stain remover treatment.  These are widely available in the shops, just make sure you check the label to find the right one for the stain you’re treating. Wash the garment and if the stain is still visible treat again with the pre-wash stain remover.

tea-stain-resizedCoffee – As with all stains, make sure you blot with cold water so as not to set the stain and work from the outside in to avoid spreading.  If you are out and have an accident with your after dinner coffee, then club soda works really well.  Ask a waiter to bring you some in a glass and blot with the end of a napkin.

Ink – We have had this happen to us so many times.  You’ve put a pen in your pocket and the ink leaks out, or you’ve had a pen in your bag which has leaked onto a scarf or gloves.  The best solution to this is, wait for it…hairspray. Yes, hand on heart, it works. Spray the area with hairspray, gently rub and the alcohol within the hairspray will disperse the ink from your garment.

Everyday spillages are unavoidable, but hopefully with our tips you can at least be prepared and get some more wear out of your clothes. Although, unless it is brand new or a very much loved item of clothing, we personally see it as another excuse to go shopping again!



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