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Fed up of laddering your tights? Then read on…!

It’s a common problem. You buy a new pack of tights and it seems within one wear they’ve got a ladder and that’s if you’re lucky.  I regularly get ladders in my new tights before I’ve even managed to get the things past my knees; it is frustrating and so expensive! But what’s the solution, because quite frankly, my legs are in no position to go tight free just yet and so I continue to spend my money on them and they continue to disappoint. Well the tips that I am about to reveal to you may just change your life.

tightsNow let’s make one thing clear before we start, if you get a ladder in your tights then I am afraid there is no going back.  You can certainly stop them from running any more by applying a bit of clear nail polish or hairspray at either end of the ladder. And although this will be enough to see you through the day without the problem getting worse, come the evening the only place those tights should be is in the bin.

The most important thing to understand when it comes to tights is that preparation and prevention is tantamount to their longevity. Here are our top tips for getting the most wear out of a pair of tights:


It may seem obvious, but choosing the correct size tights is actually very important. Most tights will have a size gauge on the back of the packet. Make sure you read it carefully, because although it relates to what dress size you are it also makes a difference how tall you are or how long your legs are.  Buy tights that aren’t long enough and you’re going to end up putting a hole in them because they simply won’t stretch any further, but buy them too big and they are going to be baggy and have a greater chance of catching on something.


dzn_Arnsdorf-temporary-concept-store-by-Edwards-Moore-8When you first take your new tights out of the pack try carefully giving them a bit of a stretch. This will help loosen the fibres and should make them more resilient to any future pulling and stretching when you wear them.

Keep trim

By having a regular manicure and pedicure you are reducing the risk of nails or hard skin catching on your tights when you put them on. So there you go, we’ve just given you the perfect excuse to treat yourself at the salon more often!


It is worth spending a bit more on a good pair of tights. A good quality pair of tights should have a reinforced toe, heel and waistband and ideally some form of Lycra. You can also now buy tights specifically labelled as ‘ladder resist tights’, which are made using breakthrough run resist yarns. Although they are not completely indestructible, they are more durable and should last longer than a regular pair of tights. Mytights.com have a fantastic selection including both opaque and sheer versions.


freezerPersonally, I won’t be doing this in a hurry, because, well, in all honesty I can’t be bothered. But, if you are willing to try this, I’d be interested to know if it works. Apparently, if you put a new pair of tights in the freezer overnight and then slowly bring them back down to room temperature, the fibres will contract and strengthen. Just remember you put them in the freezer, or your other half will get quite a shock when he goes to grab some Ben and Jerry’s!


The sheerer the tights the higher the chance of snags or ladders. The most delicate, usually nude coloured tights, will have a denier of between 8 and 20,  semi opaque will have a denier of between 20 and 50 and the thicker, opaque tights, which will more often than not be black in colour, will have a denier of between 50 and 100.

Avoid sharp things!

23fb69b9797e13fe826146f0d1e13091Ok so a little bit unrealistic as we can’t always know what they day has in store for us, but if you do happen to know that the friend you’re visiting has got cats then DON’T WEAR TIGHTS!!! It goes without saying that animal claws and tights do not mix well together, but also beware zips on skirts, jewellery and rough wooden chair legs.


One final tip is to keep a pair of thin disposable gloves in your hosiery drawer to pop on before you put your tights on. This will ensure your hands are as smooth as possible and should help the tights glide on with ease.

Laddering tights is one of life’s annoyances, but hopefully these tips should help ease your pain.  Failing all that, why not rock the laddered tight look by turning it into a fashion statement.

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