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Help! I can’t find Sunglasses to suit me!

As someone who has a particularly small head I find it really tricky trying to find a pair of sunglasses that suit me. Modern trends dictate our sunglasses should be big and bold, which is great if you’re trying to make a large head look smaller or you’re trying to hide the signs of too many nights out, but if you’re someone who has a head the size of a pin all it does it make you look like Su Pollard!

What is important is to remember that sunglasses are ultimately about protecting our eyes from the harmful UV rays of the sun, but if we can look good whilst we’re doing that, then that’s got to be a bonus, right? To buy the most flattering sunglasses for you, you firstly need to determine the shape of your face. Look at yourself in the mirror and see if you can work out what shape your face best resembles. Some people will find it easier than others, as their face may be more obviously angular or rounded. If you are unsure, try drawing around your face on the mirror with either an eyeliner pencil or a lipstick. This should make it easier to determine the shape and don’t worry it won’t fit the exact image of, say, a square, but it will at least give you a rough guide.

Now you know your face shape…

…check out the Gowns and Heels guide to what sunglasses you should be wearing!


People with square faces have a strong jawbone and wide cheekbones. In order to soften the strong angles of your face you are best suited to rounded or aviator styles frames. Whatever you do, don’t choose sunglasses with any heavy detail on the brow line, as this will mirror your strong jaw line and make you look hard and unapproachable. Famous square faced ladies include: Angelina Jolie, Gwyneth Paltrow and Demi Moore.


Square faced ladies look amazing in oversized shades, particularly ones with a butterfly frame. Keep it ultra feminine with the daisy patterned oversized sunglasses from Maison Martin Margiela or for ultimate style points try Prabal Gurung‘s shield sunglasses. Gargantuan shades are not only incredibly comfortable, but they are fantastic at hiding a multitude of eye sins! If you think an oversized pair of sunglasses would suit you, check out the current collections from Roberto Cavalli, Moschino, Guy Laroche or Julien MacDonald.99e6d5064579fcd7b5516c33c5c94c67


Aviators are the classic style choice for the modern sporty girl with a square face. If you have obviously strong features you should go BIG, in fact the bigger the better. Whereas if you have slightly more delicate features you are better suited to a small to medium sized aviator frame. Dior and Acne have both favoured mirrored aviators this season, whilst Felder and Felder have opted for a more rounded retro feel.


Oval sunglasses were everywhere on the catwalks this season, particularly ones with a retro feel. Dries Van Noten took inspiration from the humble honey bee with their yellow and black tones, whilst Burberry went with frameless and red tinged lenses. For a more feminine look choose a frame made of solid acetate, or if you prefer a more masculine look, try a metal frame that will accentuate your chiselled features


This is the softest of face shapes and can often appear somewhat featureless, so creating definition is absolute key. 2481555_1330688660795.6res_500_500The perfect sunglasses will slim down the cheeks, lengthen the face and stretch the temple higher. If you have a round face you should choose a frame that is wider than the widest part of your face. Never, I repeat, NEVER, buy round framed sunglasses! It will make you look even more rounded and will do absolutely nothing for you. Choose angular silhouettes, like square or rectangular frames instead. Lots of embellishment, coloured lenses and gradient lenses will allow you to have fun with your eyewear. Famous round faced ladies include: Kirsten Dunst, Mila Kunis and Selena Gomez.

Ombre Effect

The French word ombre means colour that is shaded or graduated in tone, for example a dress that is light grey at the top, medium grey in the middle and dark grey at the bottom would be described as an ombre effect dress. The current trend for ombre eyewear is particularly flattering for the round faced lady. Viktor & Rolf shaded it out with purple tones, Roberto Cavalli went with darker tones and Miu Miu mixed it up by starting with light tones at the bottom of the lens and rising up to darker tones at the top.


MTMwNzg3OTM2NTAwMjQ4NTQ2Glitter has been given a free pass to come out in the daytime and if you have a round face, then popping on some glittery framed sunglasses is going to make you look amazing darling! Go as experimental and crazy as you dare and let your glasses be the talking point amongst friends and colleagues alike.  Jeremy Scott took a boho hippie style with humungous glittery rhinestones or maybe you would prefer the slightly more subtle and pared down look of Oscar de la Renta, who included beautiful, delicate, embellished frames in his recent eyewear collection.


Girls with long, oblong shaped faces need to create the illusion of width without the sunglasses stealing the show. Steer clear of overly angular, sharp frames made from metal, instead opt for rounded styles of frames made of plastic or acetate. Don’t wear anything too small as it will look like you are wearing a pair of children’s sunglasses, but likewise don’t go too large or your head will look shrunken or possibly even egg-like! oblong2Aviators are great for a casual look, as the tear drop shape helps to accentuate cheekbones and any chiselled features. Celebrities with oblong shaped faces include: Sarah Jessica Parker, Liv Tyler and Hilary Swank.


If you have an oblong shaped face you can wear square frames but they must have softened edges. Prada‘s versions, which are adorned with wood and leather accents are perfect, as are Salvatore Ferragamo‘s animal print mirrored sunglasses. If you prefer something a bit more sporty looking try Kenzo‘s frameless transparent blue sunglasses.


Round framed sunglasses are the epitome of retro cool and there are plenty to choose from this season. Versace went with oversized and browny tinges, Armani chose narrower frames with darker tones and Cavalli went with the half-framed ombre toned option.


A heart or diamond face shape is defined as having a pointed chin with wide cheek bones and a prominent forehead. In order to balance out the jaw line and widen out the bottom half of the face, heart/diamond faced ladies should choose a pair of sunglasses that angle outwards towards the top corner of their face. Cat eyed, wrap around, wayfarer and rectangular frames all work perfectly. Heart/diamond shaped celebrities include: Reese Witherspoon, Taylor Swift and Hayden Panettiere. Celebrities+Visit+Good+Morning+America+j1pokNLnsuTp

Butterfly and Cat Eye

For a glamorous, sexy vibe the current trend for butterfly and cat eye frames are perfect for you. For big and beautiful butterfly frames try Matthew Williamson or for a more delicate, transparent take, try Thomas Tait. These styles of sunglasses scream retro, which has also made a return to style this season.

Classic white

Continuing with the retro feel, classic white frames are also big news this summer.  These are absolutely timeless and simply by wearing a pair of white framed shades you will exude a sense of confidence and coolness. Kate Spade and Christian Siriano provided the most spectacular and luxurious designs and Erin Fetherston opted for elegant, adorned frames.


If you are the lucky owner of an oval shaped face then congratulations, because you can pretty much wear any style you like, which means you can have a LOT of fun! Experiment with bright colours, bold embellishments and printed frames. The style rulebook kind of goes out the window with you oval faced ladies, however do make sure you choose colours and prints that compliment your hair and skin tone. Lucky oval faced celebrities include: Jessica Alba, Rihanna and Cameron Diaz.


Rihanna+aySnmfgsXW1mIf you have the confidence and the personality to pull of an extravagant and unique pair of sunglasses then I say go for it! From the Barbie inspired sunglasses of Moschino, the colourful, beaded designs of Libertine, the modern sporty rounded sunglasses of Nicholas K, or the interesting eyewear and headwear options from Chalayan, let your inner diva escape this summer and have some fun with your frames.


Summer should be filled with bold, bright colours so add some colour to your summer wardrobe with a pair of vibrant sunglasses. alba_glassesSome designers have even gone to the extreme and are not only using coloured lenses, but in some instances are having two different coloured lenses in the same pair of glasses. One such example is the white framed glasses from Rebecca Minkoff, which features one red lens and one blue lens. Sounds to us a bit too much like those 3D glasses you get at the cinema, but if you’ve got the nerve to pull it off then hey, why not! Nina Ricci and Preen also featured coloured glasses, but if you prefer to stick to coloured frames, try Charlotte Ronson for blue, Lacoste for plum, MSGM for orange or Acne for yellow.

Hopefully this has helped you narrow down your choices so that next time you go shopping for sunglasses you will be able to find the perfect pair. If you’re still not 100% sure, then why not try these two great websites:



They allow you to upload a photo of yourself and then you can virtually try on different types of sunglasses. You can also share any saved photos on Facebook so that you can get your friend’s opinions on what looks best.

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