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How to make your High Street clothes look Haute Couture.

Let’s face it, most of us can only dream about owning the latest designer garments and accessories we see gracing the pages of the glossy magazines on our coffee tables. Some of us might be lucky enough to have the odd handbag or dress, but the majority of us will have to make do with spending our hard earned cash in the high street stores. Well fear not my friend, as we have got some handy tips to make your high street gear look as luxurious as any designer piece!

1. Visit the tailor.

Nothing you buy from the shops is going to fit you absolutely perfectly. High street stores are catering for the masses, which means they have to stick to the standard sizes.  shopping-style-tailor-dressWe all know that a size 10 in one shop can sometimes feel different in another and the more you shop the more you start to get used to knowing which stores suit your shape best.  But there’s nothing to stop you from getting an item altered at your local tailor.  They will be able to take up trouser legs if they’re too long, add a fastening if a blouse gapes too much or even adjust the waistband on a skirt. The price of doing this will be significantly lower than buying a custom fit designer piece.  You only look as good as you feel and believe me if you’re wearing something that feels comfortable and fits like a glove you are going to be exuding a self assured confidence that will also feel elegant and luxurious.

2. Choose your fabric wisely.

Generally, the cheaper the clothes the cheaper the fabric is going to look and feel.  However, that needn’t always be the case, you just need to get savvy. It’s pretty tricky to make certain synthetic fabrics look anything but nasty, so your best option is to stick to natural fabrics such as tweed, cotton, linen, wool and silk. Also, consider the texture of your clothes. Layer up with pleats, faux suede, jacquard and pleather to create a look that look expensive but is a fraction of the cost of designer wear.

3. Create a capsule.

The most important thing to remember when creating a capsule wardrobe is to ignore all the faddy fashion trends. Instead, choose classic, timeless pieces that will last you from season to season. Key pieces should include a crisp white shirt, black trousers, Breton stripes, a gorgeous LBD and a leather skirt. Accessorize with statement necklaces and scarves for real wow factor that won’t leave you penniless until payday.

4. Take care of your clothes.

A loose thread, a missing button or a baggy jumper is going to cheapen your look and make you look scruffy, but that doesn’t mean a trip to the charity shops. img_0720 It doesn’t take much to sew on a new button and if you don’t have a spare, change the whole set.  This will breathe new life into a garment and give you a completely new look.  And whilst we’re on the subject of maintenance don’t forget your shoes. Shoes that are scuffed, dirty or have worn down heels will look unsophisticated and cheap. Buy some polish, get them re-heeled at the cobblers or even fill in any scuffs with a pen to instantly freshen up your footwear.

5. Keep colours simple.

We’re not saying only wear black and white, that would make for a pretty dull wardrobe, but you must ensure you only combine a maximum of three colours within your outfit. If you wear any more than this you run the risk of looking fussy, messy and quite frankly an eye sore. Also think about the ratio of each colour, for example wear 50% of one colour and 25% of two other colours, which could include jewellery and accessories.

Get experimental with your wardrobe and if need be enlist the help of your friends. Why not make a night of it and even think about having a clothes swap.  You’ll be surprised at how others combine your clothes to create looks that you may not have even thought about.  We’ve all got clothes stashed away at the backs of our wardrobes that we haven’t worn for years, but that doesn’t mean to say you should get rid of them.  You just need to view them from a different perspective and think about what you can do to update them; be it a new set of buttons, removing the sleeves or adding a collar.

Have a go at customising your clothes and please email us some pictures of your creations, we’d love to see them.

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