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Stella McCartney and Kate Moss show their support during Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

Brit designer, Stella McCartney has set up a new campaign featuring supermodel Kate Moss to support and raise funds for Breast Cancer Awareness and the Linda McCartney Centre.

Kate-Moss-G1The stunning neon pink lingerie set has been designed as part of McCartney’s Autumn/Winter 14 Lingerie Collection and will not only help raise awareness for breast cancer but will also see a percentage of proceeds from sales donated to the Linda McCartney Centre in Liverpool.

‘I wanted to remind women that when they wear this set, the first thing they put on in the morning, to keep on top of their health and visit their doctor regularly. I wanted it to be the initial starting point of awareness of this terrible illness. Not only does the set serve as a healthy reminder, but it looks great, fits incredible well, and is comfortable and stylish.’

Stella McCartney, who’s mother Linda McCartney, died from breast cancer in 1998 aged just 56, is passionate about raising awareness of the disease and the importance of regular self checking to ensure early detection.

‘If I had known then, what I know today about breast cancer, I think my mum would still be alive and I don’t think there is anything more important than having your loved ones in your lives for as long as possible. If you can prevent this illness coming into your life and destroying your family unit, then there is nothing more important. I can’t think of anything more important than staying healthy for yourself and for your loved ones.’

Proceeds will go towards funding for a new Mammography suite at the Centre which will offer patients the best chance for early diagnosis, treatment and recovery.

Explaining why she chose to team up with Kate, McCartney explains, ‘Kate is in the campaign because we have known each other for a long time and she kindly agreed to be part of it on the day of our Winter 2014 ad campaign shoot. It’s also a big deal for Kate to bring awareness to this cause. It’s something that she has never done before, Kate is a strong feminine woman with a daughter and a husband; a strong family unit. For her it was important to bring awareness to this campaign to keep families together. Women are a big integral part of the family unit, they keep and hold families together and are a source of strength.’

‘Women these days are extremely busy. They have huge lists of things to do every day, but health has to be on the top of the list. It must be a priority.’

The lingerie is available from www.stellamccartney.com as well as leading department stores and specialist stores. With prices starting at £27.00.

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