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The Colour to Wear for 2015.

Every year since 1990, the Pantone Color Institute has carefully selected their choice for the colour of the year. Gathering together at a secret meeting in a European capital, some of the top representatives of various nations’ colour standards groups debate over which colour is going to be chosen for the following year. The colours chosen are representative and evocative of the time, for example Honeysuckle, the colour of 2011, was chosen as it was considered a captivating and stimulating colour, which is uplifting in times of stress.

So drum roll if you please – the colour for 2015 is…


And no, before you ask, it is not the bright orange shade seen at your local curry house.  It’s Marsala, not masala, you know, like the wine. Think rich, earthy, full bodied reddish brown.  Hmm so what exactly is that saying about the time we are in now? Not exactly the most uplifting nor adventurous colour now is it? Pessimists might even say it looks a bit like the colour of liver – yuk! Leatrice Eiseman, Executive Director from the Pantone Color Institute describes it as “a subtly, seductive shade, one that draws us in to its embracing warmth”.

In the past few years, colours have ranged from Radiant Orchid, to Emerald and Tangerine Tango, all of which are very bright and cheery colours. Marsala takes a step away from these somewhat frivolous colours and offers us a more mature and elegant statement colour. So, yes it isn’t as fun but it is certainly more versatile and more universal. It is a colour which can be equally appealing to both men and women and can easily be translated into the world of fashion, beauty, home furnishings and interiors alike.

13G16HBRG_2_largeTopshop is great at keeping on top of trends, and they don’t disappoint with this Textured Grandad Collar Blouse. Highlighting Marsala’s flattering sophistication and sense of luxury it is a colour to suit most skin tones. There are also many colours that compliment Marsala and can be worn with it to differing effects. Combined with neutrals, including warmer taupes and greys it portrays a luxurious richness and sense of drama. With it’s burnished undertones it partners beautifully with amber, umber and golden yellows making it perfect for those of us with warmer skin tones. But fear not, those of the more cool skinned nature, mixed with greens, turquoise, teal and blues, Marsala creates a more vibrant, experimental look which oozes glamour yet still erring on the right side of qwerky. Perhaps, Marsala is not so boring after all…

Here are our top Marsala buys:

053010330760From Faith, these stylish ankle boots with a silver metal buckle trim and cutout design are a perfect nod to the Marsala colour trend. Made from premium leather and with a mid block heel they are currently on sale at Debenhams at just £22.50. Previously priced at £75.00, that’s a saving of £52.50 so get them quick!

11132923_large16207412_largeDorothy Perkins has got absolutely loads of Marsala coloured accessories, perfect if you only want a hint added to your outfit. This Floppy Hat combines Marsala with Navy and black to create a sophisticated look, perfect for a Sunday stroll. Made from felt, it is machine washable and is priced at £16.00.To finish the look, these 80 Denier tights would look perfect with a grey midi skater skirt and some black riding boots.

image2xxlThe season of Christmas parties may be over, but who doesn’t need this dress in their life? This exclusive Jewel Back Maxi Dress from ASOS is just sublime. The ultimate in glamour it is made from lightly textured chiffon with embellished detailing and a cut-out blouson top.

image1xxlAlso from ASOS, this Unreal Faux Fur Wanderlust Coat gives a rocky edge to any outfit. The Australian based company, Unreal Fur, are industry leaders in creating quality faux fur products including luxe gilets and jackets in autumnal hues. Priced at £195.00, it may not suit everyone’s budget but in our opinion it is an investment worth making.

So, there you have it, Marsala is the colour for 2015. What do you think? Let us know whether you’ll be wearing Marsala this year and send us your pictures of how you are styling it.

Now, all this talk of wine has got us thirsty, where’s that corkscrew…



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