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The Fashion App you simply can’t live without!

Model, TV presenter, fashion muse and quite frankly the girl we all want to be, Alexa Chung has just launched her very own fashion app, Villoid, and it is set to change they way you research and shop for fashion from the very second you download it onto your device.

tumblr_nud1xtlcR11uwl0g6o1_500The app tells us we can, “Express your unique style through style boards, follow your friends and other inspiring people, get updates of news and sales from your favorite brands, love products and build a love list (to share with your loved ones in time for Christmas…), and get notified when clothes get declared hot by the community. Then buy the things you love the most.” So, basically we’re talking a bit of Pinterest combined with a bit of Instagram muddle together with a bit of effortless Chung fashion magic. Sounds great, right?

The free app, which is available to download now from the iTunes store, features brands such as ACNE, ASOS, Chloe, Marc Jacobs, Burberry, Converse and, of course, Alexa Chung for AG. So, what else can you do on it?
You can:

  • Create style mood boards using photos and products.pic.aspx
  • Follow other style boards.
  • Connect with fellow fashionistas and friends.
  • Create “your very own endless dressing up box”.
  • Buy items from the affiliate sites on the app.

Chung is well, known for her chic, effortless style, often seen wearing jeans, blazers and branded or slogan t-shirts, and this is shown both in the design and look of the app as well as the products available to purchase. Whilst cynics may argue that an app that allows you to so easily, and perhaps even mistakenly, buy items at the mere touch of a button, we would argue that it is a revolution and a step in the right direction for the future of fashion shopping.

If you decide to download the app, trust us your life won’t be complete unless you do, then let us know how you get on with it 🙂

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