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What to wear for the 2015 Election.

The big day has finally arrived – the Election 2015. Today is the day voters make their choices at the polling stations and the countries leading MPs battle it out for the top spot. With a total of 650 Westminster MPs and 9,000 council seats across 279 English local authorities to be decided upon and with approximately 50 million people registered to vote, it is a momentous occasion. Although some people have already cast postal votes, ourselves included, many will be doing it the more traditional way through ballot posts at their local polling station.

Election_2015_-_Th_3257997aWhether you decide to go for blue, red, yellow, green or purple is entirely up to you, but the question we’re more concerned with is what will you be wearing when you vote. Now, don’t all start laughing, we know it doesn’t actually matter what you’re wearing, but then again maybe it does.  Surely if you rock up to mark your cross in the box dressed in a top to toe scarlet number people will assume your a staunch Labourite? But then again if you don’t want people to make assumptions about your political preferences maybe it would be good to throw people off the scent by wearing a colour that isn’t indicative of your party. Yeah, now we’ve got you thinking right?

Politicians are famously portrayed as boring, grey suited stiffs, but with more and more female MPs coming into the fold, think Nicola Sturgeon (SNP), Natalie Bennett (Green Party) and Leanne Wood (Plaid Cymru), the political fashion stakes are hotting up. At the last General Election 9.1 million women didn’t vote, which was blamed on the belief that politicians have no interest in their lives. Well perhaps, fashion holds the solution to this problem. _80486169_finaldebatescompositeIt is important to make your voice heard and cast your voice.  Women fought hard to earn us this right and if nothing else we should vote purely out of respect for them. But many people, particularly young people, are clueless about which party to vote for, who has the best policies and don’t even get me started on the tactical vote. Come on, own up, who hasn’t voted for someone based purely on how funny their name is, or whether you like the look of them or indeed whether yellow has always been your favourite colour?  I’ve even known people to resort to ‘ip dip’ to decide on who to vote for! So, with this in mind maybe politicians should think more about what they are wearing. Imagine if an MP completely revamped their wardrobe and turned up to shoot a party political broadcast looking stylish, on trend and fashionable. If they got their outfit right they would appeal to those befuddled fence sitters, who would not only be grateful for finally having an easy way of choosing who to vote for but it would also help them stand out from the other dull politicians and perhaps strike a chord with the more modern voters.

Whoever you’re voting for today and for whatever reason, strut in that polling station like you mean business, make your mark then forget about the whole damn thing, because quite frankly we’ve all get better things to be thinking about!

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